Why Should I Apply?

Much like a “semester abroad” during college, a semester school gives high school students a chance to step out of their regular school and into an exceptional educational setting, while still continuing their required academic studies. Semester schools are a growing and increasingly popular phenomenon.

Attending a semester school can:

  • Intensify a student’s interest in and motivation for learning.
  • Allow a student to pursue an area of interest in-depth.
  • Broaden a student’s range of skills and interests, and increase their maturity level.
  • Boost a student’s chances in the increasingly competitive college admissions process by:
    • Providing them with a unique and eye-catching experience that sets them apart from other applicants.
    • Associating them with the prestige of the Lowenstine Honors Scholarship competitive application process.
    • Giving them a unique and meaningful experience to highlight in college application essays and interviews.
  • Introduce students to a diverse group of highly motivated peers with similar interests and goals.
  • Give students a head start on developing the independence, good judgment, and life skills necessary for living away from home -- before they go away to college.